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SEO Tips

Authors ask all the time why their websites, blogs, and Facebook Fan Pages don’t appear on the first, second, third, fifteenth page of Google after doing a search for related words. There is no magic button to make your website appear on the first page of the search, but there are some things you can do to boost your rank on Google (and other search engines).

What is SEO?

When people talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they’re usually referring to your ranking in search engines. When you have “good SEO,” then you have a good rank (perhaps on the first page when you do a search!). Here are things to do to increase your SEO…


The most important thing you can do to make Google like you is to provide good content and to update it frequently.


You’ll want to link to relevant sites and get relevant sites to link to you. You may do this in a kind letter letting the webmasters know how much you enjoy their site and how you’ve linked to theirs on your own, which may be of interest to them or by founding a relationship on social media. Don’t forget that the words you hyperlink should describe or be the name of the site, not the words “click here.”

Buying Google Key Terms

This is something you have to pay for. You can pay Google to link your website with certain words, which will nudge your site toward the top.

No Graphic Text or Flash

Don’t use pictures or Flash media instead of text (but feel free to use images in addition to text). Google can only read words if they are actually (highlightable) text. If you do use an image, at least include alternative text or a caption so Google has something to pick up on.


You want to get all the important words on your site, preferably in the title and web address. By important words, I mean words that people who should find your site will most likely look for. A keyword can also be a keyword phrase (more than one word in quotes). For example, “books about John Lennon” is a keyword phrase someone might type in if they are looking for a list of Lennon-related books. The more specific the keywords, like longer keyword phrases, the better chance that you’ll be at the top of the search page. You may rank #1,000,000th in “books” and #100,000th in “John Lennon”, but if you do everything right, you may rank toward the top of “books about John Lennon.”

Note: Beware of keyword stuffing. Google is getting smarter by the day. It knows when you’ve flooded your page with keywords just to get better SEO. Remember, content is king. Be honest about the topic of your website.


Ultimately, you will get a better ranking if your site is popular. It will be popular if there’s A) Good content, as I said, and B) usability. Don’t let there be a single dead link. Make it look nice, easy to navigate. Don’t use forest green text on charcoal backgrounds. You know what I mean.

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